Dance Hall

The Dance Hall

  • Description: Fanny is putting on her own dance production to bring some excitement to the frontier!

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • New Crop - Wood Lathe
  • New Building

Min's Express Links

Gratchetts at the Fair

The Frontier Inspection

  • Description: help the frontier pass its statehood inspection and earn help with yer free gift crops!

  • 12 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • New Crop - washbin
  • New Collections

Min's Express Links
Gratchetts at the Fair

The Masked Lasso Returns

  • Description: The Masked Lasso has returned for another round of adventure and not a moment too soon. There are sidekicks to train, lairs to improve and blackmail plots to foil.

  • 12 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • New Crop - Moonflower
  • New Collections

Min's Express Links
Wildlife Preserve

Min's Express

  • Description: Min's import export business has been going so well he has invested in a stagecoach business as well. These stagecoaches are bringing in all kinds of new money and items to the frontier.

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • New Building
  • New Collection - Stagecoach Collection

Min's Express Links
Wildlife Preserve

Wildlife Preserve

  • Description: Someone is clearcuttin' the Gump Forest and puttin' the rare and endagered species that live there at risk! Help Bess and Ted put a stop to this and earn some rare new animals and rewards.

  • 4 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • New Building
  • New Collection - Conservation Collection

Country Fair Games Links

Play Goodgame Big Farm at CEGamers
Country Fair Games

Country Fair Games

  • Description: This is some of the newcomers' first country fair and it's a bit bewildering. Though, with a little luck I bet we can make this the best country fair ever.

  • 8 Missions + 2 Wrappers + Monday Wrapper
  • Fishing Type Games as Healing
  • New Collection - Country Fair Games Collection

Country Fair Games Links
Gratchetts at the Fair

Gratchetts at the Fair

  • Description: The Country Fair's back in town and the gratchetts are ready to put their training to the test at the fair events. But what's this? The League of Steele has entered the competition...

  • 12 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • 3 New Boosts
  • New Collection - Good Guy Gratchett Collection

Gratchetts at the fair Links
Goat Mystery

Goat Mystery - Chupacabra

  • Description: Funny things have been happening on the homestead and now many goats have gone missing. Help Maria and the homesteaders fgure out what's going on before its too late.

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • 3 New Boosts to block varmints
  • Goat Sanctuary - New Building

Goat Mystery Links
Classy Animals - Frontier Culture

Classy Animals - Frontier Culture

  • Description: Fanny wants to bring a bit of culture to the Frontier, but the Frontier Folk are a lost cause. The animals seem to be interested though... Help teach the animals some etiquette to earn new Free-Range Animals and a Gallery to store yer decorations in!

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper + Monday Wrapper
  • 1 New Collection - not wishable or giftable
  • 2 New Badges and Decoration Storage

Classy Animals

Play Goodgame Big Farm at CEGamers
3 Easters

3 Easters

  • Description: Easter is a time for celebrating the new life that comes every Spring, but not everyone celebrates it the same. Follow 3 Frontier Folk as they celebrate Easter in their own way to earn great prizes!

  • 9 Missions + 4 Wrappers + Monday Wrapper
  • 3 New Collections - not wishable or giftable
  • New Free Gift - Salmonberry Bush

3 Easters Links
The Frontier Politics Links

Sissy's Wild West Show

  • Description: Sissy Gratchetts putting on a Wild West Show at the Country Fair to prove that she's the best sharpshooter and lasso spinner on the Frontier! Help her out and learn a few stunts yerself!/li>

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper
  • New Collection - Sharpshooter Collection
  • New Free Gift - Trigger Plant

Sissy's Wild West Show Links
The Frontier Politics Links

Frontier Politics

  • Description: The Frontier is getting an official goverment, and Jack is the only one with enough free time to run for office. Looks like he's running unopposed... for now/li>

  • 5 Missions + 2 Wrappers
  • New Collection - Campaign Collection
  • New Free Gift - Red and White Blueberries

The Frontier Politics Links

Play Goodgame Empire at CEGamers
The Science Fair Links

The Science Fair

  • Description: Fanny's runnin a Science Fair at the Country Fair and Doc and Stafford have agreed to help the kids with their projects! Help run the Science Fair and earn double drops from yer Spirit Tree!/li>

  • 5 Missions + 2 Wrappers
  • New Collection - Science Collection
  • New Free Gift - Green Beans

The Science Fair Links
The Masked Lasso Links

The Masked Lasso King

  • Description: Uh Oh! Looks like Granny is missing, and Eddy is hanging around the Homestead again. This can only mean one thing... Trouble. Find Granny, to thwart Eddy, and earn the incredible Masked Lasso Signal and Costume!

  • 8 Missions + 3 Wrappers
  • New Collection - Secret Identity Collection
  • New Free Gift - Matilija Poppy

The Masked Lasso Links
The Leprechaun King Links

The Leprechaun King

  • Description: Someone's been prankin' people's homesteads and wee red-headed blokes have been spotted all over. This can only mean St. Patrick's Day has hit the homestead. Figure out why the Leprechauns are prankin' yer homestead!

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper
  • New Collection - Ridiculously Rich Collection
  • New Free Gift - Green Beans

The Leprechaun King Links
Runt's Runt's Cookin Links

Runt's Runt's

  • Description: With the country Fair, on the Horizon, Runt is out to prove that size doesn't matter by being the best animal trainer on the Frontier. All he needs now is some animals... and to learn how to train them.

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper
  • New Collection
  • New Free Gift - Runt Plantain

Bo Kitchen Cookin Links
Bo's Kitchen Cookin Links

Bo's Kitchen Cookin'

  • Description: The Country Fair's a-comin' in a few months and the redeemed Gratchetts want to win the prize money and steal the show! (Hopefully not literally!) Start by helpin' Bo perfect his cookin' skills and earn rewards for cookin' every day!

  • 5 Missions + Wrapper
  • New Collection - Deep-Fried Collection
  • New Free Gift - Canola Flower

Bo Kitchen Cookin Links  Txt Guide
Railroad Baron Links

Lunar New Year

  • Description: Min is new to the homestead but is offering to help out alrady. Follow his map of the stars to help the homesteaders and solve an age old mystery.

  • 10 Missions + 3 Wrappers
  • New Collection - Astral Tools Collection
  • New Crop Sesame

Lunar-new-year Links  Txt Guide
Railroad Baron Links

Free Range Animals

  • Description: To get more variety in the breedin' stock, Bess ordered some high-producin' Free-Range Animals and crops to feed 'em with. Unfortunately, somethin' got mixed up and the animals we got don't like the crops that got sent with 'em!

  • 5 Missions + 2 Wrappers
  • 2 New Collection
  • New Building

Volcano Links  Txt Guide
Railroad Baron Links

Restaurant de l'amour

  • Description: With Bart and Bert's help, Amos and Nettie are opening a restaurant of love! Give all the frontier folk a romantic fine dining experience and earn titillating rewards like the Foie Gras Boost!

  • 8 Missions + 2 Wrappers
  • New Collection - Fine Dining Collection
  • New Boosts

Volcano Links  Txt Guide
Railroad Baron Links


  • Description: The Hot Springs are boilin' over, the ground's shakin' every couple days, and Mt. Avalanche is startin' to smoke! What could that mean?

  • 5 Missions + 1 Wrapper
  • New Collection - Volcanic Rock Collection
  • New Boost - Volcano Fertile Ash Boost

Volcano Links  Txt Guide
Railroad Baron Links

Railroad Baron

  • Description: Looks like we've got a new comer on the Frontier! He's come from the east where the railroads are expanding. Sort out his persistent Railroad Lawyer's identity and earn Forge Storage!

  • 5 Missions + 2 Wrappers
  • New Collection - Ridge Rail Collection
  • New Crop - Iron Forge

Railroad Baron Links  Txt Guide 
Aquarium Links


  • Description: Last year, Jack accidentally killed all the fish in his favorite fishin' hole and replaced 'em with exotic ones! Well, the lake is freezin' over and so are the fish! We gotta save 'em!

  • New building
  • 5 Missions - 1 Wrapper
  • New Crop - Lake Weed

Aquarium Links  Txt Guide 
Evil Resolutions Links

Evil Resolutions

  • Description: What's this? It's the New Year and the cow's are too fat to walk? Ned is talking to Ted about not talking to Fred? Something's not right. Sort this mess out to earn Workout Cow with boundless energy!

  • New building
  • Healable animal with random outcome
  • New Crop - Black Eyed Peas

Evil Resolutions Links  Txt Guide 
Holiday Drive Links

Naughty or Nice

  • Description: Santa's lost his Naughty list! You helped him out a lot last year so he's askin you to help sort the Naughty homesteaders from the Nice! Help out St. nick and earn some very merry rewards!

  • 13 Missions + 1 Timed Mission
  • New Collection - Naughty Collection
  • New Crop - Coal Pile

Naughty or Nice Links  Txt Guide 
Holiday Drive Links

A Frontier Christmas Carol

  • Description: Fanny's putting together a Frontier Christmas Carol and all your favorite folk are joining in the fun. Play the part while helping put it all together to earn Scrooge's Shop and Falling Snow.

  • New building
  • 15 Different Partner Decorations (animals)
  • New Crop - Festive Cinnamon

A Frontier Christmas Carol Links A Frontier Christmas Carol Txt Guide 
Holiday Drive Links

Holiday Drive

  • Description: Flintlock's come to the homestead with stories of folk all over the globe who need our help! Why, we oughta get together and send crops, animals and packages to folks in need and help out Heifer International!

  • New building
  • 75 HS Reward for completing the drive
  • New Collection - Holiday Cheet

Holiday Drive Links Family Photos Txt Guide 
Amy's New Crew

Family Photo's

  • Description: Travelling photographer Milly has crashed her Camera Wagon near our homestead and needs our help! She will give something back though, some professional photographs, some new clothes, and some more Stuffed Bear Storage!

  • New crop - Silver Vein
  • City Wardrobe - Rewards with 25 Stuffed Bear Storage when placed
  • New Building - Camera Wagon

Family Photos Links Family Photos Txt Guide 
Amy's New Crew

Amy's New Crew

  • Description: Amy Steele, the nefarious outlaw, is forming an evil new crew! We need to nip this in the bud! Find out who the members are and earn a Rock and Thorn storage!

  • New crop - Bramble Berries
  • New collection
  • New building to store debris

Amy's New Crew Links Amy's New Crew Txt Guide 

Thanks and Giving

  • Description: The Wikiwah tribe is so thankful for all of your hard work that they want to show you their customs and games. Learn all about the Wikiwah to earn grand prizes like the Story Fire and Wikiwah Pride Boost.

  • New Free Gift crop - Wild Oat (9 hours)
  • New collection - Wikiwah Collection
  • Wikiwah Camp, Story Fire, Drums Decorations

Thanks and Giving Links Thanks and Giving Txt Guide 
Hibernation Preparation

Hibernation Preparation

  • Description: With all the natural upheaval that's been happenin', the Frontier critters are way behind on preparin' for their annual slumber! Partner up and help these lil' guys get some rest!

  • New Free Gift crop - Valerian (10 hours)
  • New collection - Sweet Dreams
  • New Building - Dormitorium

Hibernation Preparation Links Hibernation Preparation Txt Guide 
Trick or Treat 2013

Hot Springs

  • Description: After all the work preparing for the harvest festival we all deserve some rest and time to relax, and what could be better than a sweet time in a hot spring.

  • Uses right sideboard
  • New Free Gift: Cucumber
  • New Collection: Hot Spring

Harvest Festival Links Harvest Fesival Txt Guide 
Trick or Treat 2013

Harvest Festival

  • Description: Everyone on the frontier has been working hard and it's time to reap the fruit of their effort. Help your fellow pioneers to organize the greatest harvest festival these lands have ever seen.

  • New Free Gifts: Harvest Gourds (crop - 6 hrs), Sassafras Tree
  • New Collection: Stolen Harvest
  • Uses Left Sideboard

Harvest Festival Links Harvest Fesival Txt Guide 
Trick or Treat 2013

Ghostly Triplet

  • Description: Our friends have discovered some of the frontier darkness! Join them and fight against the witches spirits before it's too late.

  • New Free Gift Crop - Bubbling Cauldron (1 hour harvest)
  • Updated Collection - Countdown to Halloween
  • New Building - Open Grave

Ghostly Triplet Links Ghostly Triplet Txt Guide 
Trick or Treat 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

  • Description: Halloween means candy for you and your child! Unfortunately, something's off about yer neighbors this year...Help them out and earn new craftable boosts in the Candy Shop!

  • New Free Gift Crop – Licorice Crop (13 hour harvest)
  • Returning as Free Gift Animal - Mummy Sheep
  • New Collection - Creepy Candy Collection

trick or treat 2013 Links Trick or Treat 2013 Txt Guide 
Frog Invasion

Frog Race & Breeding  

  • Description: Now that the Frontier has an abundance of frogs to choose from, the kids want to throw a grand frog jumping race. Team up with your friends and breed toadtastic frog jumpers!

  • New Free Gift crop - Hosta Flower
  • New Building - Frog Track
  • New Rewards

Frog Breeding Links Frog Breeding Txt Guide 
Nature's Fury

Nature's Fury

  • Description: Nature's actin awful strange. We better heal Storm Crow quick so she can help soothe nature and help us out with Direct Requests!

  • New Free Gift crop - Wild Buttercups - 8 hour harvest
  • New collection - Disturbed Spirit
  • Direct Request Help

Nature's Fury Links Nature's Fury Txt Guide 
Frog Invasion

Frog Invasion

  • Description: Frogs have invaded the Frontier. Pair up with your friends to study these new frogs. You can even earn the brand new Frog Costume!

  • New Free Gift crop - White Water Lily
  • New collection - Frog Haven
  • New Partner animal - Frog

Frog Invasion Links Frog Invasion Txt Guide 
Bug Collecting

Bug Collecting

  • Description: School's in session. The first assignment is to learn about bugs by collecting as many of them as possible!

  • New Free Gift crop - Pitcher Plant - 9 hour harvest
  • New collection - Exotic Bug
  • 8 repeatable Missions, 3 Wrappers

Bug Collecting Links Bug Collecting Txt Guide 
Jacks Golden Fiddle Links

Jack's Golden Fiddle

  • Description: Poor Jack's got himself into a predicament. He signed away his homestead for nothing but a fiddle. Help him find a way to outdo the mysterious stranger and save the day!

  • New Free Gift crop - Devil's Claw - 6 hour harvest
  • 3 New collections
  • New Boosts

Jacks Golden Fiddle Links Jacks Golden Fiddle Txt Guide 
Dreadful Drought Links

Dreadfull Drought

  • Description: Storm Crow's predicting a drought! We gotta make sure we can withstand it! Store up some water and search for the source of the drought.

  • New Free Gift tree - Baobab - takes 2 drops of water
  • New collection - Dry Dry Desert
  • New Coin Crop - Yucca

Dreadful Drought Links Dreadful Drought Txt Guide 
Donkey Basketball Links

Donkey Basketball

  • Description: Train an All-Star Donkey Team to win the Frontier Donkey Basketball League!

  • New Free Gift crop - Golden Pasture - 4 hour harvest
  • New collection - Dunkin Donkey
  • New Partner - Donkey - 34 feeds total

Donkey Basketball Links Donkey Basketball Txt Guide 
Teds Mysterious Past Links

Teds Mysterious Past

  • Description: Bess has decided to marry Ted, but he's being accused of train robbery! Prove his innocence and build a new Building Storage warehouse!

  • New Free Gift crop - Poison Ivy - 4 hour harvest
  • New collection - Train Robber
  • Store random buildings!

Teds Mysterious Past Links Teds Mysterious Past Txt Guide 
Fishing Derby Links

Fishing Derby

  • Description: It's the Frontier Fishin' Derby! Fer your bait, pick your spot and catch as much Fish as possible to win the Derby!

  • Three new crops - Mayfly Nests - 9 Hours, Nighcrawler Nests - 8 Hours, Caterpillar Nest - 2 Hours
  • 8 Repeatable Missions
  • New Boost

Fishing Derby Links Fishing Derby Txt Guide 
Swimming Hole Links

Swimming Hole

  • Description: It's hot out here and we found a natural lake to cool off in! Enjoy the waters and train up some new rescue animals as well!

  • New Free Gift crop - reeds - 12 hour harvest
  • New collection - Water rescue
  • Make healing injured animals a breeze.

Swimming Hole Links Swimming Hole Txt Guide 
Summer Camp Links

Summer Camp

  • Description: Summer is here and the Frontier is setting up camp at Horseshoe Lake. Earn awesome animal rewards, including the ability to store Stuffed Bears!

  • New Free Gift crop - algae pool - 6 hour harvest
  • 3 New collections - campground, cavern cave, cascade
  • Stuffed Bear Stash

Summer Camp Links Summer Camp Txt Guide 
Vision Quest Links

Vision Quest

  • Description: Little Crow is ready for a Vision Quest, but Laughing Bear says she's too young. Prove that she's ready and earn help with your Wall Posts!

  • New Free Gift crop - Spirit Flame - 5 hour harvest
  • New Collection - Spiritual Guidance
  • Uses the left sideboard

Vision Quest Links Vision Quest Txt Guide 
Bess and Ted's Wedding Links

Bess and Ted's Wedding

  • Description: It's time to help Bess plan for the big day! Will Bess get hitched or sticks to the Cowgirl life for good!

  • 2 New Free Gifts - Wedding Daisies - 7 hour harvest, Weeping Redbud - takes 2 White Waters
  • New Collection - Cowboy Bride
  • New Boost - Cowboy Cakes - triples XP for 6 hours

Bess and Ted's Wedding Links Bess and Ted's Wedding Txt Guide 
Supply Depot Links

Supply Depot

  • Description: The promise of gold has brought fortune seekers from the Wikiwah River! These miners have cash and need supplies.

  • 2 New Free Gift crops - Gold Forge - 3 hour harvest, Goldenrod - 8 hour harvest
  • New Collection - Java Llama
  • New Tree- Java Nut - takes 2 caffeinated water

Supply Depot Links Supply Depot Txt Guide 
Fireworks Show Links

Fireworks Show

  • Description: Independence Day is on its way & the Frontier doesn't have any fireworks. Help by crafting fireworks for the big show!

  • New Free Gift crop - Fool's Gold 3 hour harvest
  • New rideable patriotic horse
  • 8 Repeatable Missions

Fireworks Show Links Fireworks Show Txt Guide 
Soda Shop Links

Soda Shop

  • Description: Doc discovered a watery goldmine on the homestead! Come together as a community and contribute Bubblin' Water for amazing prizes that everyone can win!

  • 2 New Free Gift crops - Stevia 8 hour harvest, Kiwi - 3 hour harvest after using 1 bubbling water
  • New Collection - Soda
  • New premium water tree - Lime

Soda Shop Links Soda Shop Txt Guide 
Dinosaur Bones Links

Dinosaur Bones

  • Description: Stafford is going to need your help to uncover what lies beneath the river bed! Dig for bones and earn great rewards!

  • 2 New Free Gift crops - Ancient Plant, Horsetail - 7 hour harvest
  • New Collection - Dino Bones
  • New Boost - BBQ Bronto Ribs - gives your super fast hands, turns you green and makes you huge!

Dinosaur Bones Links Dinosaur Bones Txt Guide 
Bull Games Links

Bull Games

  • Description: Jack's been telling us tales from overseas and their bulls. He says folks run like crazy while bulls chase em! Let's build a Bull Running Course and have some fun!

  • New Free Gift crop - Hibiscus - 6 hour harvest
  • New Partner bull - International
  • New Building - Race Course

Bull Games Links Bull Games Txt Guide 
Scavenger Hunt Links

Scavenger Hunt

  • Description: Doc's all outta supplies he needs to run his clinic. Search far and wide to find the components necessary to fill Doc's order, and get powerful allure boosts as a reward!

  • New Free Gift crop - Wild Mushroom - 8 hour harvest
  • 3 New Collections - wildwood, chasm, everglade
  • New Coin Crop - Bearberry - 5 hour harvest

Scavenger Hunt Links Scavenger Hunt Txt Guide 
3 Year Anniversary Links

3 Year Anniversary

  • Description: It's been 3 years on the frontier and that's cause for a celebration! Lets celebrate by throwing the biggest party on the homestead!

  • New Free Gift crop - Lavender Water Lily - 5 hour harvest
  • New Collection - 3 Year Anniversary
  • Increasing level cap to 250 (300 for VIP)!!

3 Year Anniversary Links 3 Year Anniversary Txt Guide 
Pioneer Trail Crop Links

Gift Crops

  • Description: All the crops that can be sent to friends as a gift at The Pioneer Trail.

  • Often Zynga changes crops from Free Gift to Coins, so always check the market.
  • Multi Sending does not work as a player can only accept one gift per 24h
  • Sending a thank you gift often works better to get the needed crops.

Pioneer Trail Crop Links
All the Pioneer Trail Drinks

The Drinks At The Pioneer Trail

  • Description: All the links and info for crafting Drinks at The Pioneer Trail.

  • Request and Gift Links
  • Crafting Info
  • Collections that give Drink boosts.

All the Pioneer Trail Drinks
Crafting Boosts and Links

Craftable Boosts

  • Description: All the boosts you can craft at The Pioneer Trail, a must to have several stocked up as they are very handy, especially double or triple drop ones.

  • Double XP Boosts
  • Make buildings, decorations or animals Ready Boosts
  • Double or Triple Drop boosts for animals and buildings or decorations

Crafting Boosts Guide and Links
Level Experience Chart

Leveling Up At The Pioneer Trail

  • Description: Ever wanted to know how much Experience you need to Level Up? What is Frontier Jacks Level when you level up ? You will find it all here.

  • Level = the level you have or want to reach
  • Experience Needed = the amount of experience required to reach that level
  • Frontier Jack levels also up and knowing what level he is might be easier finding his homestead back

Level Experience Chart


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